Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I'm the cute one ...

[Picture Removed By Request]
I'm the cute one, with the beard, between the two babes in pink. (Left babe is my lovely wife. Right babe is not.)

First Blog

Hello, world.

In case you don't already know me, I'm
Alan K Hunt, a middle-aged techno-geek goofball. Well, you might have thought that a "techno-geek goofball" like me would have started a blog long before now, but no.

Anyway ... So now I'm blogging, and the shame of it is, well, ... Here I am, at the inauguration of this blogging adventure, which (who knows?) could end up being a long and interesting ordeal (or not). And, well, ... I feel more-or-less obligated to say something momentous or at least noteworthy, but simultaneously I feel that I actually have nothing really momentous or even noteworthy to say. But, if I must say something (and I feel I must) let it be a brief statement of my Creed of the Moment:

I, Alan K Hunt, being of sound but very uncertain mind, do currently hold these truths to be self-evident:
  1. It is better to blog than to wish to have blogged.
  2. It is easier to blog than to edit my website.
  3. Nevertheless, I do have a website, and even if it is not as brilliant and up-to-date and easy-to-edit as I might like, those who have further curiosity may find that it is better to go there than to look further here.

Here ends my Creed of the Moment, and here ends my First Blog. Whew!